Tyranny or the Constitution – the choice is yours

My good friend Sarah Haldeman posted something rather interesting but also thought provoking on Facebook earlier today:

Anyone who has been waiting to get behind Article V OR are scared of it because “gun rights” or “runaway convention” or any other excuse you can think of: Why do you so desperately long for tyranny?

If the Senate does not hold, and now fight fiercely for its power, we will see expanded federal control the likes of which we have never experienced before as the Supreme Court joins, full-force, with an out-of-control presidency and administrative branch while a weak, incompetent House and Senate look on. One way or the other, this situation should illustrate for you how close we are to tyranny, brushing up against it every day, up to this point with only a single man to block us from it. Well, Justice Scalia has died, this patriot, this great American, and with that man who stood in the gap for us being now gone, we’re in a panic over what may occur. Is this how close you wish to be to tyranny? Is this all you want standing between you and the federal government, a mortal man?

No. We need our states, large governmental institutions with their own, semi-sovereign status to step up now and do what they need to do to fence the federal government back in, to stand between it and the citizen. If you don’t understand this, then you don’t get the situation you’re in; you were already just one person away from the end of your so-called “rights”. What will you do now? To whom will you look for safety? There is safety and freedom for us only in the restoration of our Constitution because the Constitution does not live nor die, it merely exists and will do so as long as we, many millions, protect and preserve it. It is stable law, a guarantee of our freedom wrought by pen and ink for the generations. Without it, we are never more than the whims of a single man away from despotism and tyranny. Is that what you want? Is that what you prefer?

There are only two options for you now, to become a slave to this statism or to follow the Constitution. And the Constitution is very clear as to our path; Article V.

My best to you, Justice Scalia. We will meet in heaven one day. But in the meantime, I and others will do our best to preserve the freedoms you stood and fought for during your time in the Supreme Court. You fought alone so often, and championed the Constitution in isolation so many times, it’s time we had your back. We will take up your mantle, sir, and what you fought for will not be in vain, I can promise you that. Rest well, my brother, until the day of the Lord.

May we all remember her wise words and think on them.