#ArticleV #COSProject hashtag rally tonight

It is Wednesday, and that means time for another wonderful Twitter hashtag rally put on by our good friends at Patriot Journalist Network. Last week saw a huge rise in #COSProject tweets, finishing the day at 11,776 tweets. Check out this graph from the past week:


And if that does not pique your interest, check out this graph from just last Wednesday:


Our good friends at PoliTwiUS tracks United States political trends on Twitter, and neither #ArticleV nor #COSProject were in the trends anywhere last week. However, it is all good as regardless of whether or not they are trending. we are still out there letting people know that we are out here showing people the only LEGAL, CONSTITUTIONAL way to propose amendments outside of the Congress in DC.

However, regardless of whether or not #ArticleV and #COSProject are trending, you will see tweets like these — whether featured or not — before, during, and after the rally:

And of course, the fun does not have to end after the hashtag rally tonight, as thanks to our good friends at Patriot Journalist Network, there is now a #COSProject Action Page  with a lot of good tweets to RT, just the same as you would in the rally!

If you want to join in the fun at the rally, come to the #COSProject Twitter Hashtag Rally page at 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific and join in the fun, camaraderie, fellowship, and good tweets!